Arabic and Islamic Studies for Children

Arabic and Islamic Studies for Children

Our Classes and Curriculum

Children can start our nursery class from 3 years old. From 5 years old the children start the Preparatory Year where they start to learn how to read and write the Arabic alphabet. Children then progress through the primary years where lessons are based on the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education Curriculum where they learn Arabic language, Islamic studies and Arabic culture. We teach using Arabic tajweed, hadith and tafseer methods. In high school the students are encouraged to prepare for the internationally recognised iGCSE in Arabic Language exam. Our classes are kept small, with a maximum class size of 25 children, but an average of 12 students per class, meaning student and teacher contact is maximised.

Our School

Established in 2002, Live Language has been recognised as the second best quality and value language school in the UK by the British Council. Education Gate is the sister school of Live Language and shares the same commitment to quality education and student welfare.

Our Team

Our staff are carefully selected based on their experience, love of teaching and qualifications and come from Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Oman, Algeria and Scotland. All of our teachers are committed to continued professional development and are regularly trained in new techniques and methodologies to make learning fun and keep motivation high.

Our Students

Education Gate students range from 3 years old to 16 years old and come from a variety of backgrounds. Some students have Arabic speaking parents and were born in Scotland. Some students are living in Scotland for a few years while their parents study here. Some students were born here and their parents don’t speak Arabic. And some students have moved to Scotland to start a new life. Whatever the background, our aim unites our children – learning Arabic and learning about Islam. We encourage the children to learn from each other about the Arabic speaking world to encourage future cooperation and peace.

Our Values

  • Providing a safe and fun environment for students to flourish
  • Respecting others
  • Committed to progress and achievement
Term 124th September 2017 - 21st January 2018
Term 228th January 2018 – 13th May 2018
Term 1 & 2£270 (for new students)
£250 (for returning students)
Term 1 only£150
Term 2 only£150
Private (1-1) lessons£35 per hour
Small group (2-5 students)£32 per hour