English for Work Evening

English for Work Evening
English for Work Evening
English for Work Evening
English for Work Evening

Included in this course:

  • 10 weeks of 2 hours
  • Placement test if needed
  • Language Exchange Programme
  • Advice on future study in the UK and English exams
  • Fun and varied social programme (entry fees to activities are extra)
  • Internet and email access + Wi-Fi
£180 / 10 week course

English for Work Courses | Evening

Our part-time evening Business English courses are ideal for anyone either already in work or hoping to find work. They are designed to help you practice and improve skills which will be important to you in any workplace where the first language is English.
You will work on your speaking skills, e.g. introductions and small talk, telling stories and giving explanations, all using natural language. You will also practise using the telephone to exchange important and specific information with accuracy and confidence. You will have the chance to deliver a presentation in English and receive feedback from your teacher and classmates.
Writing classes will focus on formal letters and email, in particular sentence structure and commonly used language. You will also look at how to structure and write a CV in clear and effective language.
Our small class sizes allow students to negotiate the course content with the teacher and priories their requirements. Students have the chance to practice their language and work closely with the teacher in order to ensure maximum progress.
While you are on the course, additional free services include  getting help with your CV and advice on how and where to apply for a job.
Intermediate: Tuesdays, 6.30-8.30pm
Advanced: Thursdays, 6.30 - 8.30pm
Lessons2 hours per week
Course dates18th September - 20th November 2018
Please contact us for more information. info@live-language.com
Deadline to apply7th September
Course length10 weeks
Max class sizeIn busy times, the maximum class size is 14 but is usually 12
Intermediate (B1, IELTS 4.0-5.0)
Advanced (C1, IELTS 6.0 and above)


Registration fee£20
Minimum age16
Minimum number5 students
Non-teaching days in 2018-Easter: Friday 30 March and Monday 2nd April
-Monday 7 May
-Monday 28 May
-Monday 24 September
-Christmas: 22 December - 6 January 2019 (School reopens on 7th January 2019)

Important: Registration and payment for English evening courses must be made by Friday 7th September.  All enquiries made after this date will be added to a waiting list.  If the minimum number of 5 people is not met by the deadline date, then we will inform you before the course start date and refund all fees paid.

Please read the Live Language Terms and Conditions before booking your course.

We also know that studying a language can be difficult and challenging and so we have a range of Support Services to help you progress as quickly as possible and make the most of your time with us. Try our Language Exchange Programme or get additional help from our Academic Support Tutor. We even arrange voluntary work with charities – all to help you improve your English.

Price per course (£)180

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