Listening Section 1 is a dialogue between 2 people arranging something. Try listening to a conversation and write down any numbers and well known names of people, cities and countries you hear. For example:   Listening Section 2 is a monologue, often about a tour or changes to somewhere. If you’re in the U.K.,

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The reading section of the IELTS exam is often one of the most difficult for students.  The academic style of the text can be unfamiliar and the vocabulary is more challenging than everyday English.  Here are some tips to improve your score: Don’t read intensively – at school and university it’s important that you understand

What is it? An oral interview between a candidate and an examiner. How long is it? 11-14 mins How many parts are there? 3 parts What are they? Part 1: Introduction and Interview Examiner introduces themselves and checks the candidate’s identity. Examiner asks questions about personal information such as home, studies, family, work, studies, interests

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Scottish Slang

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Do you ever listen to local people and have no idea what they are talking about?   Do you ever hear words that just don’t sound like English?   Chances are that you have heard some Scottish slang during your time in the country. The following is a list of typical slang words and expressions

A useful guide to phrasal verbs

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Phrasal verbs are an integral part of the English languageand there are many reasons why students should afford these a particular focus.  Native speakers use the very frequently each day (sometimes without realising it), therefore a knowledge of phrasal verbs will help students to interact with and understand native speakers authentically.  Perhaps of more obvious

What shall I read ?

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How to Improve English Reading Students at LiveLanguage are often told to read a quality newspaper regularly.  But what else could you read to help you understand British culture as well as improve your vocabulary, spelling, fluency etc etc ? How about a magazine ? I’m a bit old-fashioned – most of these are available

Help with IELTS reading

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Do you need some help with IELTS reading and ideas for writing task 2? Do you find the news difficult to follow?   Why not start with news aimed at children? The vocabulary will be easier to understand.   Try the following websites:   First

IELTS Writing Skills Students can feel they fail to progress with their writing, often because they are unsure of what the examiner is looking for. This is the purpose of the Public Band Descriptors for Task 1 and Task 2 – to inform you about what the examiner assesses in your writing, and what you

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IELTS Speaking exam tips

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1)    Know what to expect in the exam It is important that you know exactly how the speaking test is organised and what you are expected to do. Look at some past speaking tests and study the typical type of questions that you may be asked to answer in each of the three sections. If

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Real listening

Friday, 04 April 2014 by Interested in listening to real, native speakers in conversation? The Listening Project from the BBC provides snippets of English speakers discussing a wide variety of topics in a natural, and often amusing, way. Notice features of native speaking such as connected speech or repetition. Try to identify the accents, Scottish, Northern English, Irish and