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  • Free English Courses at Live Language

    Free English Courses at Live Language

    At various points throughout the year, Live Language is happy to offer free English classes. These classes are deliv...
  • English for Citizenship

    English for Citizenship

    This course is designed for people who need proof of their English and to pass the Life in the UK test to secure a v...
  • English Club

    English Club

    English Language Club Come and join your friends, make new friends at Live Language whilst practising your English s...
  • Skype lessons

    Skype lessons

    English Skype Lessons...
  • English for Work Evening

    English for Work Evening

    English for Work Courses | Evening ILA funding is available for this course. Our part-time evening Business English ...
  • Cambridge Exam Preparation Evening

    Cambridge Exam Preparation Evening

    Cambridge Exam Preparation Evening Course If you are interested in our Cambridge Exam Preparation Intensive course, ...
  • IELTS Evening

    IELTS Evening

    IELTS Evening course in Glasgow The IELTS evening course is designed for students who need a short course to prepare...
  • General English Evening

    General English Evening

    English Evening courses in Glasgow...
  • English for Specific Purposes

    English for Specific Purposes

    Business English Courses in Glasgow Learning Business English provides students the knowledge and communication skil...
  • Private English

    Private English

    Private English Tutor...
  • Intensive Plus (30 hours)

    Intensive Plus (30 hours)

    Intensive English courses in Glasgow...
  • Summer Intensive

    Summer Intensive

    Intensive Summer English Course...
  • Cambridge Exam Preparation Course

    Cambridge Exam Preparation Course

    Intensive Cambridge Exam Preparation Course in Glasgow If you are interested in our Cambridge Exam Preparation Eveni...
  • English for University

    English for University

    Why should I study the English for university course? If you are coming to study English before doing a pre-sessiona...
  • Academic English and IELTS

    Academic English and IELTS

    Many of our students have the same problem.  They need the IELTS exam, but their English level is Pre-Intermediate o...
  • IELTS Preparation Course

    IELTS Preparation Course

    IELTS Preparation Course...
  • Academic English Course

    Academic English Course

    Academic English Courses Glasgow...
  • General English Course

    General English Course

    English Course Glasgow If you are interested in our General English Evening course, click here....

We have a variety of English courses, here in Glasgow, to meet all needs.

Do you need:

  • General English?
  • Academic English?
  • Exam English – IELTS, First Certificate or Advanced?
  • Business English?

Why are you studying? Is it:

  • English for work?
  • English for university?
  • English for travel?
  • English for life in the UK?

We are a friendly Glasgow English language school offering quality courses to help you progress. You can realise dreams in a place where you can feel at home.

Live Language has an English language course for you, whether you want to study 1 hour or 30 hours per week! We have a wide range of courses for different needs, purposes, and personal timetables. Live Language has developed its English language courses in response to the demands of our international student body and so there is a lot of flexibility built into the content of the course and the times of the lessons. We, at Live Language believe in making you the centre of the class – not the textbook.

Our school is accredited by the British Council, which means that we are meeting their high standards for quality. There are minimum qualification standards for our teachers and we are aiming for everyone to have the Diploma in TESOL. Our goal is for everyone to have this prestigious Master’s level qualification and we’re half way there! We also believe in ongoing training and have monthly training sessions, work with mentors and have regular observations to make sure that Live Language’s teachers are continually improving their lessons. We have a passion for teaching – meet the team here.

Whatever you want to study, Live Language’s Glasgow English courses will fit your needs. Come and join our family!