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Visa Information for Students Studying in the UK

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General Information

The UKVI website provides application forms for students applying for a visa outside of the UK and for students applying inside the UK.

Visas for Students Under 18 Years

Live Language can accept students who are under 18 who come to the UK on Child Visitor Visas. Students must be under 18 and can study for up to 6 months, then must return to their country. They cannot extend their visa in the UK or work while they are here. Please see the UKBA website here, for further information and application forms.

What to do next

Before Live Language can provide the documents that you need for the visa, we require the following;

  • A completed registration form
  • A completed level test
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of any SELT approved English test report
  • A copy of any previous certificates or recent qualifications
  • A deposit - dependent on your length of study and type of course

Please complete and return the registration form and level test and send with the other documents to info@live-language.com. Or, if you have any questions, please contact us via the enquiry button below.


Is a free service for students who would like to improve their social life, their local community, their English skills and the lives of others.

We realise that it is not always easy when living abroad to integrate with native English speakers. In order to help you have access to opportunities to speak outside of class, we have developed our Globaliveation programme. Our co-ordinator can arrange a language exchange or voluntary work to allow you to practise your English with Scottish people.

We can arrange for you to meet someone who is learning your language. Typically, you would go out for coffee or similar social situation with your exchange partner. You would teach them your language and they would help you with your English. It's the ideal opportunity to learn more about British culture and make new friends.

Jose Ibanez
Globaliveation coordinator

Our volunteer programme allows you to work with various charities and shops. You devote a few hours per week to the charity by helping them in their shops. Again, it gives you the perfect opportunity to integrate into your community and practise your English in a real world situation.

  • To contact our Globaliveation coordinator email jose.ibanez@live-language.com
  • Or you can meet Jose every Friday from 12.15 – 1.00pm in the Student Lounge

Social Programme

One thing you must do while studying with Live Language is take part in the social programme. We have at least one social event each week and it is the best way to practice your English and meet other students and make friends. It’s great for exploring Glasgow and Scotland and getting advice from other students about their time in Glasgow. Please see this link if you are interested, or speak to our reception staff.

Glasgow and Scotland have so much to offer and there is so much to do here that one visit is never enough. You can see all that is going on in Glasgow at Glasgow Tourist Information Website

Glasgow is...

  • In the Top 5 most visited cities in the UK
  • No 2 in Guardian Travel Awards UK's favourite City
  • Unesco City of music
  • Glasgow was recently voted the UK's coolest city and the best base for students and twenty-somethings by the Big Issue.
  • Glasgow was also identified by Mercer Human Resource Consulting as the 'safest city in the UK’.
  • Host of the 2014 Commonwealth Games
  • Scotland's Cultural Metropolis

As well as the year-long calendar of festivals and events, you will be able to enjoy the largest shopping area outside of London; superb cafes, bars and nightlife, and mouth-watering cuisine from all over the world: all within minutes walk from the city's parks and gardens. Also, you can visit the famous museums and galleries in your free time, all of them is free.

Glasgow is surrounded by the UK's biggest National Park, and is within fast and easy travelling distance to Edinburgh and Scotland's many varied attractions. You can enjoy breathtaking scenery, taste free samples at whisky distilleries or enjoy the clean air and tranquillity of a loch-side stroll. For the more active, you can go horse riding, play golf on a Championship course, enjoy the thrill of white water rafting or even experience the exhilaration of a sky dive.

For videos, see our videos page.

Academic Support Tutor

Kenny Arnott
Academic Support Tutor

We have a dedicated tutor who can provide additional learning support. The tutor is available to help you with any problems you may be experiencing with the class activities or can provide additional practice materials and opportunities. For example, many students visit the tutor to do an IELTS speaking test or to do extra practice writing tasks. Appointments can be made on the signup sheet in Reception. To contact our Academic Support Tutor email kenny.arnott@live-language.com.

Online learning tool

If you are a full-time student you will receive a free login or you can buy a year’s membership for only £10. You will be able to practise grammar, vocabulary and even FCE, CAE and IELTS exam preparation. You can also do writing and speaking practice and get feedback from the Let’s Learn English staff. Or ask the Grammar Doctor any questions you have about tenses, clauses, passive etc. There are also exercises to practice from a large number of English textbooks. You can keep track of your progress and see how much you’ve improved. And best of all, it can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet as well as your laptop.

You can log in here

Admissions Advisor

George Brisbane
Admissions Advisor

If you are thinking about studying in the UK at university or college, our Admissions Advisor can help you. The advisor can give advice on the different courses available to you based on your current level of English and qualifications. We work closely with partner universities and colleges and have regular visits from representatives who can give detailed information about the options you have. We also arrange visits to our partners’ institutions so you can see the facilities they can offer you. To contact our Admissions Advisor e-mail george.brisbane@live-language.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The advisor can also

  • Help you complete application forms
  • Write personal statements
  • Provide academic references

Appointments are made on the signup sheet at Reception.

Registering with the Police

Some non EEA students must register with the Police within 7 days of arriving in the UK. For more information on registering with the police, please see the link to the right;

Registering with a Doctor and Dentist

To make your time in Glasgow more comfortable, and in case of any problems, you should register with a Doctor and Dentist when you arrive. The school can give you a letter to confirm that you are a student at the school.

Emergency healthcare is free, You can visit the emergency department of most hospitals, or call NHS 24 on 08454 242424 who can give advice by telephone if you are feeling unwell. In the case of emergencies, the nearest Accident and Emergency Hospital to the school is the Western Infirmary.

Council Tax

Council Tax is payable to local councils as a contribution to cost of the services that they provide. The Council Tax bill for a house depends on its value and the number of adults living there.

Most people in the UK must pay council tax. If you are a full time student enrolled on a course of at least 27 weeks (min 21 hours per week), then you do not have to pay council tax.

To claim the council tax exemption, speak to Reception.

Student discounts

To take advantage of some great student discounts, and save some money, you should apply for an International Student Identity Card. For more information, please see Reception.

Students applying for a General Student Visa, must also show that they have the full course fees avail- able and £600 for each month of the course for living costs. For more information, please see the UKBA guidance.

Students who have a General Student Visa can bring partners and dependents, but cannot work in the UK if they are studying an English language course level.

Glasgow is usually a safe place, but as in cities all over the world, you should not walk alone late at night, or carry valuables with you. Keep any documents showing your identity, address or personal information safe and hidden. Keep cameras, IPods etc in your bag or pocket. If you are taking cash from a cash machine, cover your hand when you enter your PIN number, and put your money away quickly. Be aware of who’s around you if you are taking out money, particularly late at night.

Look after your handbag, wallet, purse, or bags and do not leave them unattended. When you are walking in the street, go into a shop if you need to ask for directions and don’t stand in the street looking lost or reading maps.

We advise you not to stop cars by “thumbing a lift”, “hitch-hiking”, “autostop”. Use only official taxi cabs with council plates on the back. Black cabs (London taxis) are more expensive but are more reliable, and can be stopped on the street. Minicabs (normal, registered cars working as a taxi) cannot be stopped on the street.

The British Council has produced an extremely useful booklet which clearly sets out how to live safely in this country.

We recommend all students take out insurance before travelling to the UK. This gives you help paying for medical treatment, flight cancellations or theft.

Students can arrange insurance through us, or directly on Course-u-can

Policies start from £5.75 per week and it is open for both EU and non-EU students.


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