Natalya Krisanov

Natalya Krisanov

Natalya is a Russian speaker with Masters degree as a linguist and a Russian-English teacher. She also speaks Bulgarian and Romanian. She used to study German and French. So, she knows firsthand how challenging it can be to study a foreign language.


She has recently moved to Scotland, where her daughter, who also knows more than 4 languages, has become a medicine student. As a mother and a teacher, she strongly believes that the learning process should be enjoyable in order to achieve the best results.

She has different interests: from reading classical literature to skiing, from cooking to playing tennis, from travelling to knitting, from dogs to….cats.

People who know her say that she is a cheerful and a friendly person.


Teaching experience

Natalya at present is teaching mostly Russian, at Glasgow schools, and she is  regularly invited to do workshops, organised at universities and schools, to spark interest in Russian in Scotland.

She loves her job and has taught the languages over 15 years to different age groups, from home, at language courses, at schools, universities, for US Government and Moldovan Government. She is equally happy to teach one-to-one and to large groups.


She also has a Univesity Diploma in Psychology and MBA Diploma. The knowledge helps her understand people’s motivation better and professionally teach business language.

Teaching approach

‘Laugh Listen Learn’. This approach means that when you enjoy learning the foreign language, you achieve the best results. It is also very important to listen to the native speakers while learning a language.

She takes into account students’ requirements and interests. Humour can be a great helper in studying a language and she believes that  the word “studying” was not made from two words “student dying”…