Our School

What makes us different?

Live Language is a friendly language school offering quality English courses to help you progress. You can realise your dreams in a place where you can feel at home.

Our academic philosophy is ‘Demand High’, which means we expect a high level of performance from our staff and students. We accept students from beginners level and support their academic journey right through to university preparation courses and university entry.

Our school is located in Charing Cross a safe and quiet area of the city. We are close to the University of Glasgow and a 10 minute walk to the vibrant West End and the City Centre. Students love both our old school buildings which are architecturally and historically important, as well as it’s convenient location. Glasgow has the nickname ‘The Friendly City’ and is loved for its culture, museums, music, nightlife and shopping, but most of all for it’s people. If you travel for 45 minutes east you reach Edinburgh, if you travel 45 minutes west, you reach The Highlands. Glasgow, reported as the UK’s safest city, is easy to get around by foot, bus, train or subway.

As one of the leading language schools in the UK, Live Language receives students from all over the world, 52 countries at the last count, so our classes have a good mix of nationalities. We keep our class sizes small so teacher-student contact is maximised. Our lessons are designed to be communicative and interactive so your confidence in using the language in real situations grows. We don’t believe in lecture style lessons.

We pride ourselves in having a professional and friendly team of qualified teachers and support staff who offer a prompt and professional service – essential ingredients for building good relationships.

Students, businesses and agents have been pleased with the quality of service and attention they have received from Live Language. We hope that you choose to join us in the future, and can experience our excellent service for yourself.

Your language learning experience


We are a highly accredited and award winning school with a strong commitment to continuous improvement. Our ‘Demand High’ philosophy not only applies to our students, but also to our teachers, managers and partners.

The British Council regularly inspect us and assess our school, our curriculum, our student care, our accommodation, our teaching techniques and facilities - every aspect which involves you and the quality of your learning experience in the UK. You can see where our school excels above others here

Live Language follows the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’.

Live Language is a SQA accredited centre able to accept ILA and is accredited by Investors in People (Silver Award).

Based on the recommendations of our educational partners and students, Quality English invited us to join their prestigious organisation in 2012. In the UK there are only 40 English language schools which can claim this membership, with only two in Scotland.

In 2013 we were delighted to receive the LanguageCourse.net Excellence Award from their students who had studied with us – an award we are extremely proud of.

Student support

What happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside the classroom, that is why we love when students join one of the many free learning opportunities we have available to students – Social and Activity Programme, Volunteering, Lectures, Language Exchange, Culture Workshops, Conversation Classes, Live Language Olympics, to name but a few. Our students appreciate this ‘added-value’, and that is why 96% of our students would study with Live Language again.

As a Live Language student you will meet your teacher on a regular basis to discuss your progress and your learning goals.

Academic Support Tutor

Kenny Arnott
Academic Support Tutor

We have a dedicated tutor who can provide additional learning support. The tutor is available to help you with any problems you may be experiencing with the class activities or can provide additional practice materials and opportunities. For example, many students visit the tutor to do an IELTS speaking test or to do extra practice writing tasks. Appointments can be made on the signup sheet in Reception. To contact our Academic Support Tutor email kenny.arnott@live-language.com.

University Applications

If you are thinking about studying in the UK at university or college, we can help you. We can refer you to an experienced team of advisors who can give advice on the different courses available to you based on your current level of English and qualifications.

They can also:

  • Help you complete application forms
  • Write personal statements
  • Provide academic references

If you need more information, speak to reception.

Our Reception staff is available to help you adjust to life in the UK from 9am – 6.30pm Monday to Thursday and until 5pm on Friday. We have an emergency telephone number which you can call outside normal working hours if you have a problem which can’t wait.


Is a free service for students who would like to improve their social life, their local community, their English skills and the lives of others.

We realise that it is not always easy when living abroad to integrate with native English speakers. In order to help you have access to opportunities to speak outside of class, we have developed our Globaliveation programme. Our co-ordinator can arrange a language exchange or voluntary work to allow you to practise your English with Scottish people.

We can arrange for you to meet someone who is learning your language. Typically, you would go out for coffee or similar social situation with your exchange partner. You would teach them your language and they would help you with your English. It's the ideal opportunity to learn more about British culture and make new friends.

Jose Ibanez
Globaliveation coordinator

Our volunteer programme allows you to work with various charities and shops. You devote a few hours per week to the charity by helping them in their shops. Again, it gives you the perfect opportunity to integrate into your community and practise your English in a real world situation.

Social Programme

One thing you must do while studying with Live Language is take part in the social programme. We have at least one social event each week and it is the best way to practice your English and meet other students and make friends. It’s great for exploring Glasgow and Scotland and getting advice from other students about their time in Glasgow. Please see this link if you are interested, or speak to our reception staff.


  • 15 comfortable classrooms
  • 1 Student Lounge
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Learning Resources
  • Self-Study Area
  • Computers and iPads
  • Car Park and Bike Rack
  • Vending machine
  • Café
  • Fitness equipment

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