Our team

Adell Mitchell

School Director

Adell was born in Glasgow and founded Live Language in 2002. She has been involved in adult education for over thirteen years and has experience of teaching English in Scotland, Australia and Japan.

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Ayako Ota

Accounts Manager
Ayako is from Japan and is a native Japanese speaker and has a good command of Mandarin and English.

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Katinka Csizmadi

Communications and Marketing Manager

Katinka was born in Budapest, Hungary. She is a native Hungarian speaker, but he speaks English, Spanish and a limited amount of Portuguese as well.

Katinka has an English Philology BA Degree with a Cross-Cultural Specialisation. Last year, she obtained a second degree in Conference Interpretation with English, Spanish and Hungarian languages.

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Glenn Moffat

Administrator/IT Technician

Glenn was born and bred in Glasgow, he speaks a limited amount of French.

Before joining Live Language, Glenn completed his Higher exams and graduated from Hyndland Secondary School (May 2008). He then did volunteer work at Clarence Court Nursing Home assisting the activities officer until October 2008.

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Graham Wilson

Administrator and Student Services

Graham was born in Greenock, Scotland. Graham started his working life as a countryside ranger, and then worked in various bookshops in Paisley, Oxford, Glasgow and Liverpool.

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Tatiana Camilleri

Student Services and Designated Person
Tatiana was born in Far East, Russia, where she obtained a Degree in Law. Before coming to Glasgow she lived in Malta for 10 years, where she obtained a Diploma in Hotel Operations, but spent most of the time working in the schooling sector.

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Alessandra Lorenzon

Administrator and Student Services

Alessandra was born in Italy, in a little medieval town called Marostica which is near Venice. She is a native Italian speaker and she speaks English, Spanish and very little French.

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Sharon Chalmers

Director of Studies

Sharon became an English Teacher after completing her degree in Accountancy and Postgraduate Diploma in IT. She’s been teaching since 1997 and has worked in the Middle East, Far East and Europe in that time. Sharon also works with the British Council, delivering teacher training workshops for IELTS teachers.

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Jane Adams

Senior English Teacher
Jane is from Aberdeen, a city in the north east of Scotland, known as the Granite City. Jane graduated from Stirling University in 2012 with a degree in French and Spanish. As part of her degree, Jane went to University in Cordoba, Spain where she took every opportunity to travel, try new food and experience the Spanish culture .

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David Young

Senior English Teacher

David was born in Inverness but grew up in Dunblane. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a first class MA Honours degree in 2007, before completing a postgraduate MSc (in which he focussed on the Vice Presidency of Thomas Jefferson) the following year.

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Allison Steven

English Language Teacher

Allison is a native of Glasgow and loves the city. She has worked at Live Language since January 2007.

She has experience of teaching English as a foreign language for over 8 years. She has taught English in Japan and South Korea and travelled extensively throughout Australia, Central America and Northern Asia.

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Kenny Arnott

English Language Teacher and Academic Tutor

Kenny is the longest serving teacher at Live Language having started in November 2006. He is from a small town just outside Glasgow and has been teaching for about 10 years, both in Scotland and abroad.

He has a degree in Psychology from the University of Liverpool and completed his teaching qualification in Glasgow University.

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Daniella Dimambro

Organisational Development Manager and English Language Teacher

Daniella is originally from Hamilton, a large town about half an hour from Glasgow. Now she’s living in the West End of the city and loves being a Glaswegian.

After completing an HND in Acting and Performance at Motherwell College, Daniella went on to Strathclyde University. She was awarded a 1st class Honours BA in English in 2005 and gained her CELTA qualification from Glasgow University in 2007.

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Marcus Doo

English Language Teacher

Marcus has gained his IATQuo in Madrid, Spain and his CELTA from the University Of Glasgow.

Heather Whytock

English Language Teacher

Heather was brought up on the Isle of Lewis in the northwest of Scotland. After school she moved to Glasgow to study for her M.A (Hons) in German and Celtic Civilisation. As part of her degree she spent nine months working as a language assistant in a secondary school in Germany where she got her first taste of English language teaching.

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Callum Sim

English Language Teacher

Callum is a native of Glasgow. He has a first class honours in English Literature from the University of Glasgow, and received his teaching qualification (CELT) in Galway, Ireland, where he worked as a teacher. He is interested in music, art and history; he also plays guitar quite well and sings badly.

Fernanda McLintock

FL Director of Studies, Spanish Language Teacher

Fernanda is originally from Viña del Mar, one of the main touristic cities in Chile where she graduated with a Bachelor in Education and EFL Teaching degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso in 2008.

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Laura Mereu

Italian Language Teacher

Laura was born in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. She obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Languages for Linguistic Mediation at University of Cagliari and a Master's Degree in Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners at University of Bologna.

José Antonio Ibáñez Rodríguez

Spanish Language Teacher

José was born in Granada. He is a native speaker of Spanish and fluent in English. He studied Philosophy at Granada University and London Metropolitan University. He has also undertaken an MSc in International Development Management at Granada University and the Spanish PGCE Equivalent, before moving to Glasgow in 2008.

José Antonio Quirós

Spanish Language Teacher

José Antonio was born in Cádiz. He studied English Linguistics and Literature at Cadiz University and Newcastle University. He has also undertaken a Master's degree about teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at Cadiz University and the Spanish PGCE Equivalent. Since he moved to Glasgow to work as a Language Assistant, he has been teaching Spanish at several primary and secondary schools around different councils of Scotland.

Nadjia Sari

Arabic And French Language Teacher

Nadjia was born in Algeria where she was brought up in a multilingual environment. She is a native Arabic and French speaker and is fluent in Spanish.

She has a degree in Philosophy and French Literature and after obtaining a degree in “applied foreign languages” at the Université d’Aix-Marseille, she completed her teaching qualification in Oran.

Wei (Wendy) Stark

Chinese Language Teacher

Wei is a native Chinese speaker, and speaks English and a limited amount of Gaelic as well. She graduated from DongBei University of Finance & Economics with a BA degree and MBA

Eleanor Caldwell

German Language Teacher

Eleanor is a Paisley buddy and grew up in Dunoon on the Clyde coast. Before studying German and Education at Stirling University, she worked in a hotel in Bavaria where she became fluent in German and its colourful Bavarian variations.

Agata Marczak

Polish Language Teacher

Agata comes from Poland where she obtained a degree in English Studies with Translation. She also studied at the University of Zadar as a part of her course where she learnt Croatian language and met people from different countries.

Nozomi Clements

Japanese Language Teacher

Miriam Calzone

Italian Language Teacher

Miriam is from the South of Italy. She studied Italian Language and Culture and she always want to learn more about that. She has practice teaching in Italian schools and worked as children's educator for charity. She lives in Glasgow and she is in love with Scottish people and culture.

Natalya Krisanov

Russian Teacher

Natalya is a Russian speaker with Masters degree as a linguist and a Russian-English teacher. She also speaks Bulgarian and Romanian. She used to study German and French. So, she knows firsthand how challenging it can be to study a foreign language.

Florentine Courbon

French Teacher

Florentine is from Saint-Etienne in France, she is a native French speaker. She can also speak a limited amount of Spanish. She studied English Linguistics, Civilisation and Literature at Université Jean Monnet and Maynooth University. After she graduated, she came to Glasgow in order to work as a Modern Language Assistant in Primary and Secondary schools. She enjoys travelling and cooking.

Midori Dilear

Japanese Teacher

I grew up in Osaka which in the second biggest city in Japan. I studied English at University in Osaka. And in London and Oxford. I moved to the UK in 2008 and have lived in Glasgow since 2009. I love Glasgow. It's a big and friendly city just the same as Osaka I think. I like eating, traveling, listening to music and want to continue growing as a person.

Nikki Odenhoven

Dutch teacher

Nikki was born in Singapore, but has lived in the Netherlands most of her life. She moved to Glasgow last year to study Chemistry & Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Glasgow. Besides her studies Nikki has always had an interest in languages, and has helped expats learn Dutch growing up.

Maribel Leiva

Spanish teacher

My name is Maribel,I am from Santiago de Chile,I studied tourism in Santiago and English at Paisley University. I love cooking specially Chilean Cuisine and also I love dancing and learning about different cultures!

Izumi Sakata

Japanese teacher

Izumi is from a small town near Nagoya which is in between Tokyo and Osaka. Nagoya is the forth biggest city in Japan. She spent 4 years in Tokyo where she obtained a Bachelor's degree in Home Economics. Before she came to Glasgow in 2011, she lived in New Jersey, USA for 5 years. In her free time, she enjoys working in a Oxfam shop. Izumi is delighted to meet those enthusiastic students who want to learn her native language, Japanese and its culture.


Spanish Teacher

Dalia is from Cuba. She has a Degree from Havana University in Scientific and Technical Information and Librarianship, which includes 3 semesters of Higher Spanish Grammar. She has been involved in teaching her native language (Spanish), to adults and children, for many years in Havana and now in Glasgow for the past four years. She enjoys teaching Spanish and dancing Salsa.

Aurélie Noël

French Teacher

Aurélie Noël is from Amiens, in France. She holds a B.A in English and a M.A in French literature. She pursued doctoral studies in French literature in the USA and has taught French for more than 15 years, including 2 years as a lecturer at University of Glasgow. She moved to Scotland 3 years ago and is still under its spell.

Laetitia Sève

French Teacher

Laetitia is a French speaker with Masters degree in “Frenc as a foreign language learning and teaching” and multiple vocational training in order to, as she likes to say, “be the teacher I would have liked to have”. Before arriving in Glasgow at the beginning of this year she travelled a lot (Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, USA, Hungary, Autralia, etc.) and worked as a teacher in Canada, New Zealand and of course France in various institutions, language shools and associations who deal with migrants social and professionnal needs. She has a strong interest in foreign languages and cultures and thus her learners to build a proper relationship based on trust and understanding. She also values the leaners in a positive, stuctured way and gives them an active role in their training.

Alessandra Ambrosini

Italian Teacher

Alessandra was born in Italy in a city called Viterbo, which is near Rome. She obtained a Bachelor Degree in Science and Technology for Artistic Production and a Master Degree in Cinema, Theatre and Multimedia Production at University of Pisa. She has been teaching Italian since she moved to Glasgow in 2010 and last year she gained the qualification in Teaching Italian to Foreigners from Icotea Institute.