New changes in language education in Scotland

by / Tuesday, 08 October 2013

The 1+2 policy is designed to introduce the teaching of two foreign languages during primary and secondary school in Scotland, the first language being introduced in primary and the other one taken over the years until the end of secondary school. By 2020, all schools in Scotland should be teaching two languages from an early age.

This policy is in response to the number of students taking foreign language exams at school decreasing in the past years and, in my personal opinion,  the amount of adult Scottish students wishing and needing to join language courses for work purposes, travelling or to communicate with the native speakers when they go on holiday.

This new language policy is a good step for Scottish education as it will introduce languages as early in the cycle as possible, and as we know, teaching languages from an early age can help improve the childrens’ IQ and their level of tolerance of other cultures. Also, young learners are able to master a better pronunciation of the target language.

What we need to do as learners, teachers and family members is to see how we can contribute to this progress. Learning a new language is always a positive step in trying to help Scotland. Having more Scottish speakers being able to communicate in a second language is a challenge we should all be excited about.