5 Common CV Mistakes

by / Thursday, 16 January 2014

1. Too long: it is not impressive to have three pages plus for your CV, it is a hassle for the reader: edited highlights, most relevant only.
2. Too many sheets – put your CV on both sides of one piece of paper. If you must use two pages, put all of your contact details on both of them. Otherwise, if they lose page one, you lose your chance!
3. Clear, bold section headers – Firstly, know what the sections are called (career history and professional development are not the same thing) and make sure they stand out. The reader should never have to ask, ‘is this a job or a course or a qualification I’m looking at?’
4. Check for mistakes by printing it and reading it. Do not just edit it electronically: everything looks beautiful on the screen and mistakes will be missed.
5. Have more than one. You should have two or even three different versions of your CV designed to highlight different aspects of your experience and capabilities, depending on the job you are applying for. Your CV for the HR Manager’s job should look different form the one you sent for Customer Service Manager, even if you send them on the same day.

Use this free downloadable template to have a successful CV.