5 Free Ways to Practice Your English outside the Classroom

by / Wednesday, 26 November 2014
  1. Ask your English school what free learning resources they can recommend to you, perhaps you can borrow some listening CDs or some text books to practice your grammar.  Maybe your school has a Study Centre or quiet area where you can work independently.  Don’t be afraid to ask – they should be happy to see you build your skills!
  2. What are your hobbies, how do you spend your free time?  Instead of reading about Real Madrid on your own language, search for the Real Madrid website in English and practice your English reading, it’s a great way to build your vocabulary in a relaxed way.  Do you like cooking?  Search for your favourite recipes in English and see how the end result compares!
  3. Look for a language exchange partner – do you know a native English speaker who would like to learn your native language?  You can meet in a coffee shop and spend an hour speaking both languages in a relaxed atmosphere.  At Live Language we can match you with an English speaker who wants to learn your native language.  Email Jose at [email protected] to tell him you are interested.
  4. Immerse yourself!  Think of ways you can introduce English to your daily routine.  For example, can you listen to BBC radio on your PC instead of your normal radio station?  Can you follow Al Jazeera English on social media to read all the latest news?  Can you meet English speaking friends for a coffee to practice your pronunciation?  Introduce English more to your daily life – be inventive!
  5. If you are lucky enough to be learning English in an English speaking country you have so many opportunities to expose yourself to the English language.  At Live Language we organise voluntary work and internships for our students.  Not only does this help you improve your English and other skills, but also introduces you to local culture, people, dialects and community issues.  We know that helping people makes us happy – that’s why we love it when our students volunteer!  We love happy students!  Contact Jose [email protected] for more information.