5 IELTS Spelling Tips

by / Thursday, 19 September 2013

1) Always say the word or move your lips when spelling any new words or words you are unsure of.

2) Think about the number of syllables in the word and spell the syllables. In general, the number of syllables equals the number of vowel sounds:
e.g. Mon/day, Tues/day

3) If you’re not sure of the correct spelling, write what you think and look at your ideas:
e.g. Satarday, Saterday, Satirday, Satorday, Saturday
It’s possible to recognise the correct spelling and it’s usually the vowels that are wrong!

4) Look for spelling patterns:
e.g. January and February or September, November and December

5) Practise every day:

a) cover the new word
b) try to spell it
c) check it
d) repeat many times!