A-Z Football Lexicon

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Football Vocabulary This month World Cup fever takes over the globe as the best teams in the world go head to head in an attempt to win the ultimate prize in football. If you are watching some of the matches on TV then you are very likely to hear a whole range of football specific

Today is the beginning of the biggest sports tournament finals on the planet with the opening game of the FIFA World Cup.  The event takes place once every four years and this time round it is the turn of five –time winners Brazil to  host it. The action will take place in 12 stadiums across

Phrasal verbs in Business English

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Phrasal Verbs in Business English Phrasal verbs are and intrinsic part of English and these have permeated the business community every bit as much as other aspects of our society.  A common problem with phrasal verbs is that the same phrasal verb can have multiple meanings.  This blog will illustrate this point to show how

Free International Student Guide Collins is one of the biggest publishers of English materials and they have written a guide to surviving as an international student in an English-speaking country.  It offers tips and advice on how to prepare for university and the best thing is ….. it’s  FREE!   Just click here, then register

Useful online tool

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Do you want to challenge yourself, improve your English and help others all at the same time? With Freerice.com you can do just that. Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j22rxwRE328 Freerice.com was set up by the World Food Programme in 2007 in order to help provide food for those most in need around the world. Pick a quiz subject

Try this website:   http://www.whatsonglasgow.co.uk/events/   You can search events by category.  For example, for shopping, there is a craft fayre in Merchant Square every weekend.   Or   You can search events by festival, the Southside Fringe Festival is on in May.   Or   You can search events by date, just put in

Free university education in Scotland

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This sounds too good to be true, but it is in fact free if you are a European Union student.  Unfortunately if you are from outwith the EU you will have to pay in full, but hopefully a government sponsorship or a nice scholarship can help with the cost. The strangest thing is that it

IELTS Writing Skills Students can feel they fail to progress with their writing, often because they are unsure of what the examiner is looking for. This is the purpose of the Public Band Descriptors for Task 1 and Task 2 – to inform you about what the examiner assesses in your writing, and what you

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What to do in the Easter break

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It might be a challenge not to get bored during 4 days of holiday if you are new to a place. This handy guide gives you some ideas: Go on an egg hunt organised by the National Trust for Scotland Treat your self with an Easter mini-break Discover the beautiful Highlands (www.rabbies.com) Egg-stravaganza at Kelvingrove

IELTS Speaking exam tips

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1)    Know what to expect in the exam It is important that you know exactly how the speaking test is organised and what you are expected to do. Look at some past speaking tests and study the typical type of questions that you may be asked to answer in each of the three sections. If

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