Real listening

Friday, 04 April 2014 by Interested in listening to real, native speakers in conversation? The Listening Project from the BBC provides snippets of English speakers discussing a wide variety of topics in a natural, and often amusing, way. Notice features of native speaking such as connected speech or repetition. Try to identify the accents, Scottish, Northern English, Irish and

Scotland’s year to shine

Tuesday, 01 April 2014 by

A new report from English UK proves that Scotland was the second most popular country in the UK to study English in 2012.  Glasgow was the ninth most popular city in the whole of the UK for visitors to experience English language immersion, with London and the south coast of England being the most popular. 

Globaliveation is very pleased to announce Brightwork will be coming to the school to provide a short presentation about finding work in the UK on Wednesday 2nd April at 13:00, Room 6. Brightwork, with one of Scotland’s largest and most experienced recruitment teams, have been able to supply high quality temporary and permanent staff to

I have been recently introduced to a fantastic new website, which enables all learners to do that little bit extra after lessons have finished. This wonderful site enables learners to improve their skills without the need for teachers. It is made possible through a sense of community spirit. The Livemocha community is made up

Football in Scotland

Friday, 14 March 2014 by

Football is a very important part of cultural life in Scotland for many people and this Sunday, (16th March) sees the first major domestic final of the season, The Scottish League Cup.  This is a ‘knockout’ tournament, the format of which is similar throughout world football.  Teams are drawn against each other and play one

IELTS Speaking Tips The IELTS examiner expects you to show ‘some awareness of style and collocation’ to reach a Band 7 or Band 8. Compare the sentences – which is better? The sentence on the right is better because it shows style because it has an academic tone, and collocation because you are using the

Why don’t you go on a FREE museum tour? Kelvingrove Art Gallery has tours at 11.00 and 2.30. The Burrell Collection has tours in the morning and afternoon, just go along and ask about them. The Riverside Museum also has free tours, again just go along and ask. There is a Police Museum in the

All you need is love?

Thursday, 13 February 2014 by

It is that time of year again when love is in the air. The 14th of February or by its more common name St Valentine’s day, is celebrated in many countries all over the world as a day to declare your undying love for someone. Restaurants are fully booked and supermarkets are full of red

The Language of Football

Tuesday, 11 February 2014 by

The language of football has two parts – the language needed to play the game, and the language needed to talk about the game. The second part has developed because people talk about the game so much. ‘One two,’ ‘get tight’ and ‘now’ are heard on the pitch. In the TV and radio studios, they

To gain a higher band in IELTS (above a Band 6), it is necessary to be able to make clear and understand a writer’s opinion: In Reading, this particularly applies to questions such as Yes / No / Not Given, but also appears in other question types. In Writing Task 2, to gain a higher