Christmas vocabulary

by / Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas is soon upon us, and everyone at Live Language is very excited about two weeks of holiday to spend with our families, celebrating the 25th of December.  The picture below show 14 things familiar to most who celebrate Christmas, but do you know what they are called?  Read below for clues to help you.

Santa Claus, who delivers presents to all the good boys and girls over the world.  Did you know his costume was traditionally green and white and changed to red as the result of an advertising campaign by Coca Cola?

Santa’s journey would be nigh on impossible were it not for his sleigh.

Of course, the sleigh has no engine so Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and his eight pals are responsible for making sure Santa can visit every house.  Can you name his friends?

Entering houses is the trickiest part of Santa’s job.  With no key to open doors or windows, he must climb down the chimney.

Once inside, he leaves presents in stockings and under the Christmas Tree, taking care not to disturb the Christmas lights which adorn it nor the Christmas Candles lit to help Santa find his way inside the houses.

Christmas Day is a time to give and receive presents, and also to eat lots of food.  Turkey is the most commonly eaten meat on this day, followed by Christmas Pudding for dessert and, for some people, Christmas Cake, a fruitcake decorated to depict a Christmas scene.

Christmas is a time of fun for all the family, with many games which can be played.  If we are very lucky we will get a white Christmas, with lots of snow outside, so even festive birds, such as the Robin commonly found among Holly Leaves need to wrap up warm.  What clothes is he wearing in this picture?

While it will be cold, this is a perfect opportunity to build a Snowman, but remember to give him a hat and scarf, as well as coal for eyes and a carrot for his nose.



So, what are the names for the 14 items in the picture?  Answers in the new year.


Merry Christmas!

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