Cross-Cultural Awareness Workshop
Cross-Cultural Awareness Workshop
Cross-Cultural Awareness Workshop

Basic information:

  • Can prepare you to a business trip or negotiation
  • Is tailored to individual requirements
  • Gives you an insight into the target culture
£32-£35 / hour

Cultural Awareness Training

In our globalised world, meeting and negotiating with clients from a different cultural setting is becoming more frequent for businesses. However, cultural differences can undermine communication together with the success of business. As a result, understanding and appreciating intercultural differences has a positive effect on business as it facilitates communication, builds trust and develops new relationships. With our cross cultural workshop, we help you succeed on the global stage. Your understanding of your clients and business partners will have a profound impact on your business. We offer interactive and exciting cross cultural workshops for individuals and groups as well. All Live Language trainers have appropriate experience and are committed to their own professional development in order to maintain our high standards of teaching. The workshop can take place at a time and location that is convenient for you and your colleagues – either in your workplace or at Live Language premises, allowing flexibility for your staff.
Price per hour (£)3532

Discounted rates are given for payments in advance. Courses not paid in advance will be charged at the hourly rate.

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