David Young – English Language Teacher

English Teacher

David was born in Inverness but grew up in Dunblane. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a first class MA Honours degree in 2007, before completing a postgraduate MSc (in which he focussed on the Vice Presidency of Thomas Jefferson) the following year.

In 2008 he attained his TESOL certificate in Barcelona, Spain, where he lived and taught English for nine months. He then spent two more years studying, graduating with a law degree in 2011. Following his brief flirtation with the dark side, he is now back working for the good guys as an English teacher.

David is a very keen football fan and could probably tell you the score and current leaders of most leagues in Europe, if you ask him. He’s always keen to talk about football. Additionally, he is very interested in tennis, snooker, golf, boxing – almost every sport you can think of, except rugby and motor racing. Other interests include reading, politics, classic cinema (by which he means films he thinks are good) and enjoying the Glasgow nightlife.