Do you want some easy ways to practise the IELTS Listening Test?

by / Thursday, 06 November 2014

Listening Section 1 is a dialogue between 2 people arranging something.

Try listening to a conversation and write down any numbers and well known names of people, cities and countries you hear.

For example:


Listening Section 2 is a monologue, often about a tour or changes to somewhere.

If you’re in the U.K., go on a museum tour.

If you’re in a non-English speaking country, still go to a museum but hire an English audio guide.


Listening Section 3 is a dialogue, often between a tutor or lecturer and students.

Make sure you are familiar with vocabulary associated with university.

For example:


Listening Section 4 is a monologue, and is a lecture.

Try listening to a lecture, choose something you are interested in.

For example:


Good luck!

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