Included in this two-week package:

  • 30 or 45 hours of English tuition (15 or 22.5 hours per week)
  • A one-day Highland Castles & Lochs minibus tour with a guide (on a Sunday)
  • Placement test on your first day
  • Live Language Certificate of Attendance, showing final level and study dates
  • Use of the course book
£460 - £580
The course is designed for students who want to improve their English in a short time and also see the beautiful Scottish scenery. There is also a strong emphasis on developing independence so that you can continue to improve outside class and after your course. The course runs during the summer period only. The English+Tour course package contains: • 2 weeks of General English lessons (15 hours per week): 9.00 – 12.15pm • If a 22.5-hour option is booked: 2 weeks of Skills classes (7.5 hours per week) – 1.00 – 2.30pm • A one-day Highland Castles & Lochs minibus tour with a guide on a Sunday.
All of our teachers have teaching English qualifications and a variety of experience. You can meet them here. The team are dedicated to improving their teaching skills and attend frequent training sessions. Although each teacher has their own style, all of them want to help you improve. You may change teacher during your course and this allows you to experience different accents and teaching techniques. If you have any problems with your course or indeed anything, speak to your teacher first. For example, if you think you need more practice in a certain area or if you don’t like some of the activities in class, speak to your teacher. They are friendly and happy to change lessons to suit you. How do they teach? All teachers have their own teaching style but we have developed our own Teaching Code of Practice at Live Language. The teachers looked at each other’s lessons and put together a list of all the best practices they saw. We developed this into our own standard. You will see common activities and methods in all of our teachers classes. Our teachers push you to do better and develop your skills out of class. Every minute of your classes is an opportunity to learn as you are encouraged to learn from your classmates as well as the teacher.
Each week, the lessons will cover the skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and the systems (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) of English. Many students find this a big change from how they studied English at school, where the focus was on grammar. As you are free to start any Monday during the summer, you might not start from the beginning of the course book or cover every unit. Remember that you don’t have to do every page of the book. Your teacher will choose the most relevant material for the needs of the class and adapt the course book to suit you. They will provide useful extra materials, such as internet resources, CDs, DVDs, and apps. General English (15 hours per week) • This develops your everyday language, with topics relating to real life situations in the modern world. • It focuses on reading, writing, listening and speaking – these are the foundations of language study and essential for future success. • It builds the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation you will need to communicate effectively. • It is a communicative course, so that you can practise using English as much as possible. • Class activities include individual, pair and group work. Skills (7.5 hours per week) This part of the course develops your skills in different areas. We’ve found that the listening and speaking skills are generally the most popular but your teacher and classmates will decide the focus for the week. You can read the full course outline here.

What are tutorials?

Tutorials are carried out every 3 weeks. They are one-to-one meetings between you and your teacher. Before the tutorial, the teacher will ask you to complete the Tutorial Form, which asks you to assess your own performance. You will also be able to talk about the self-study you did outside class and be given advice on how to study outside class. You will work with the teachers to decide on the goals you want to achieve before the next tutorial.

How often will I have tests?

You will be given regular tests, usually at the end of each week. You’ll get feedback on your progress from your teacher on everything you do, and they can give advice on what you should focus on outside class.
TimetableMonday to Friday
9.00am to 12.15pm AND
1.00pm to 2.30pm if 22.5 hour option is booked
Lessons30 or 45 hours (15 or 22.5 hours per week)
Mode of deliveryFace-to-face
Start datesAny Monday
Course length2 weeks
Max class size14
LevelsBeginner to Advanced
Minimum age- 16 for face-to-face lessons
- 18 for online classes
Minimum levelBeginner
Minimum number4 students
Non-teaching days in 2023- New Year: Until 9th January 2023
- Easter: Friday 7th April and Monday 10th April
- Monday 1st May
- Friday 29th May
- Monday 25th September
- Christmas: 23rd December – 7th January 2024 (School reopens on 8th January 2024)

Please read the Live Language Terms and Conditions before booking your course.

Price per package if 15 hours is booked (£)£460
Price per package if 22.5 hours course is booked (£)£580
Registration fee£50

Discounted rates are given for payments in advance. Courses not paid in advance will be charged at the weekly rate.

Information on how to make a payment can be found here.

Add on to your course:

  • Skype lessons (https://live-language.com/skype-lessons/)
  • Globaliveation (Language Exchange and volunteering) (FREE)
  • Fun and varied Social Programme (free museum visits and walking tours, entry fees to other activities are extra)