Going the extra mile outside the classroom

by / Thursday, 20 March 2014

I have been recently introduced to a fantastic new website, which enables all learners to do that little bit extra after lessons have finished.


This wonderful site enables learners to improve their skills without the need for teachers. It is made possible through a sense of community spirit.

The Livemocha community is made up of language enthusiasts: teachers, language experts, other language learners, and native speakers proud of their language and heritage.  Community members help each other learn in a number of ways: they leave comments in response to practice exercises, have mini-lessons within feedback, have practice conversations via text, video or audio chat,  provide language practice and culture tips, and give much-needed encouragement

It enables learners to: 

  • Do hundreds of free activities at their chosen ability level.
  • Send written and spoken work to speakers of that language and have it corrected by them. (This is done in the understanding that students will correct work from others trying to learn their language).
  • Take part in free language courses at all ability levels.
  • Take advantage of the social aspect of the site and meet new people.


What are you waiting for? Join free now on www.livemocha.com