Foreign Language Book List 2021

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Mastering Arabic 2
Arabic A2 – B1Macmillan978-1352008500
Marugoto Rikai StarterJapanese A1 (i) and A1 (ii)Buske978-3875487084
Marugoto Starter A1 KatsudooJapanese A1 (i) and A1 (ii)Buske978-3875487077
Marugoto Rikai Starter Elementary 1 A2Japanese A2 (i) and A2 (ii)Buske978-3875487145
Marugoto Elementary 1 A2 Katsudoo Japanese A2 (i) and A2 (ii)Buske978-3875487138
Marugoto Rikai Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate A2/B1 Japanese A2 (ii) and B1 (i)Buske978-3875488272
Aula Internacional 1 Spanish A1i (i) and Ai (ii)Difusion978-8415846772
Aula Internacional 4 Spanish Advanced (C1)Difusion978-8415620853
Portugues XXI Portuguese A1(i) and A1 (ii)Lidel978-9897523809