What is Globaliveation?

Created by Jose and Adell, Globaliveation is a free service for students who would like to improve their social life, their local community, their English skills and the lives of others.

Globaliveation Philosophy

  • The best way to eliminate any prejudice or misunderstanding that someone might hold about any culture is to get to know that culture.
  • The best way to know any culture is by directly dealing with people from that culture, as they can explain the reasons behind their customs, conduct, etc…

We realise that it is not always easy when living abroad to integrate with native English speakers. In order to help you have access to opportunities to speak outside of class, we have developed our Globaliveation programme. Our co-ordinator can arrange a language exchange or voluntary work to allow you to practise your English with Scottish people.

We can arrange for you to meet someone who is learning your language. Typically, you would go out for coffee or similar social situation with your exchange partner. You would teach them your language and they would help you with your English. It’s the ideal opportunity to learn more about British culture and make new friends.

Our volunteer programme allows you to work with various charities and shops. You devote a few hours per week to the charity by helping them in their shops. Again, it gives you the perfect opportunity to integrate into your community and practise your English in a real world situation.