How to Have a Better Score in the IELTS Writing Section

by / Monday, 18 May 2020
  1. In Task 2, take time to analyse the question carefully and plan what you are going to write.  The examiner needs to see a relevant and coherent answer, not just one which talks generally about the topic.
  2. Make sure you understand what kind of essay it is:  advantages/disadvantages, problems and solutions etc.
  3. Use linking words and expressions to make your essay/report more coherent.
  4. Always include a clear introduction and conclusion.  In Task 1, you need to provide an overview of the main trends.  This can be done in the introduction.  You should rephrase this for the conclusion.  In Task 2, the conclusion should be a summary of your position and shouldn’t include any new information.
  5. You must vary your vocabulary.  Try to learn a set number of academic words each week.  Learn new words in all their forms and not just the verb etc.
  6. When you are finished you should spend a few minutes reviewing what you have written.  Focus on any particular grammar or spelling problems you have.

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