Idioms about Summer

by / Wednesday, 05 August 2020

All set for the summer season? Why not learn some natural expressions about everyone’s favourite time of the year!  Here are some to get you started. How many of these do you already know? Take a look!

  1. To take a shine to someone – to develop a liking for someone
  2. To brighten up – to become more cheerful
  3. Everything under the sun- everything on earth
  4. Come rain or shine- you would do something whatever the weather
  5. Soak up the sun- to enjoy the sun
  6. Catch some rays- To sunbathe
  7. The dog days of summer- the hottest time of the year
  8. A ray of sunshine- someone or something that makes you feel happy


Make sure to add these to your notebook or make a Quizlet list so you can remember them and test your memory. Can you think of any others?  Do you have any idioms about summer in your language?