IELTS tips and techniques for the speaking section

by / Thursday, 04 June 2015

1          Become familiar with the common topics that come up in the speaking exam such as family, places, the environment, education etc

2          If you don’t know it, don’t use it.  If you’re not sure about a piece of grammar or vocabulary before you go into the exam, don’t use it.

3          If you know you’ve made a mistake, correct it.

4          In Part 1, try to give as much information as possible.  As a general rule, add one more piece of information to your usual answer.

5          In Part 2, write brief notes for your answer to help you give a coherent answer.

6          In Part 3, you need to justify your opinion so give reasons and examples for your points.

7          Listen carefully for the question words and tense of a question to help you answer it effectively.

8          If you don’t understand, try to paraphrase what the examiner said.  Eg.  ‘Do you mean…?’

9          Watch Youtube clips of the speaking exam to make sure you know what to expect.


What was the best tip that you received while preparing for the exam?

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