Making the most of your morning

by / Friday, 04 October 2013

On your commute to school:

Start your day by thinking positively about your lessons. Imagine yourself using new vocabulary successfully in class and then use the vocabulary in your lessons that day. If you take the bus to Live Language, pick up a free copy of the Metro. Have a read at some of the headlines and predict what the articles will be about. Listen to people talking on the bus and see if you can understand the general idea of their conversations.

Before class:

If you find that you get to school early, you could start a breakfast club. Come to Live Language 15 minutes earlier than usual and chat with friends and classmates about a chosen topic. Maybe you want to talk about words that you learned the day before, a newspaper article that you found interesting or talk about a recent experience. Ask each other as many questions as you can in the time you have. If you are not a morning person, why don’t you get together with classmates at lunch-time? The more time you spend speaking English, the better your English will be. Use your time wisely.