Norwegian Course

Norwegian Course
Norwegian Course
Norwegian Course
Norwegian Course

Included in this course:

  • Fully tailored course
  • Flexible delivery
  • Placement test on request
  • Free access to language exchange
  • Internet and email access + Wi-Fi
  • Live Language Certificate of Achievement, showing final level and study dates
£32-45/ hour or £179/12 week course

Norwegian Language Lessons

Live Language offers Norwegian private lessons in Glasgow.
If you are learning Norwegian for travelling, working, living in Norway or just because you love the culture and their people, private lessons will help you develop the knowledge to use Norwegian in context and communicate with native speakers as well as other speakers of Norwegian as a foreign language.
Our Norwegian private lessons ensure that you get the highest level of attention from your teacher. The lessons are personalised and designed based on your student’s needs. The classes are taught in a communicative way, and integrate vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation with speaking, listening, reading and writing activities.
You can read the learning outcomes for each level here.
Our experienced teacher is a Norwegian native speaker and uses a communicative methodology, which gives you the maximum amount of time to practice Norwegian in a friendly environment. Please note that even though we aim to have communicative Norwegian classes, our teacher is also fluent in English, so if you have any questions or doubts, our Norwegian teacher can always explain it in English.
Yes, the classes are flexible and work around your schedule and the teacher’s schedule. You can cancel and re-schedule lessons, as long as they are with 24 hours in advanced.
Please contact Fernanda ( if you have any questions.

Please contact Fernanda ( for more information.

A1ii (False Beginner) Norwegian course

TimetableTBC - 6.00-8.00pm
Course dates15th April - 4th July 2019
Deadline to apply5th April 2019
Course length12 weeks
Max class size14 students
Minimum age16 years

Norwegian Privates

Course length1-30 hours per week
Max class size1-3 student
Minimum age16 years
LevelBeginner - Advanced

Please note that private lessons are flexible; however, the organisation of the lessons will depend on the teacher’s availability at the time of the enquiry.



Registration: £24
Textbooks are not included in the course price, you can buy them at reception.

Please note, the school requires minimum 5 students to start a class, so some courses or classes may be subject to cancellation. If a group does not have 5 students for the entire term, then students will be given the following options to enable them to continue studying.
– 5 students: full 24 hours (12 weeks X 2 hours)
– 4 students: 20 hours (10 weeks X 2 hours)
– 2-3 students: A semi-private option will be offered

Please read the Live Language Terms and Conditions before booking your course.

Price per course£179 (+£24 registration fee for new students)
Textbookfrom £16
Standard Add-on* - Includes: Cultural Workshop (1.5 hours) + 1 personalised Tutorial (30 minutes)
*(Can be booked if you have a group course or private lessons booking on)
£204 (+£24 registration fee for new students)
Premium Add-on * - Includes: Cultural Workshop (1.5 hours) + 2 personalised Tutorials (30 minutes each) + 1 Private Lesson (1 hour) + Personal Study Booklet to set your language goals
*(Can be booked if you have a group course or private lessons booking on)
£255 (+£24 registration fee for new students)
Personal Study Booklet£10

The deadline to apply is 5th April 2019.

Private£35 per hour£32 per hour
Semi-Private (2-3 students)£45 per hour£42 per hour
Registration fee for new students£24

Private lessonsMarch, June and November£280 / 10 hours (+£20 registration fee for new students)
Semi-Private lessons (2-3 students)February, May and October£360 / 10 hours / group (+£20 registration fee for new students)

 PrivateSemi-private (2-3 students)
Over 30 hours£30 / hour£40 / hour
Over 40 hours£28 / hour£38 / hour

 PrivateSemi-private (2-3 students)
Over 30 hours£30 / hour£40 / hour
Over 40 hours£28 / hour£38 / hour

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