People of Glasgow described as the “Proudest and happiest” in the UK.

by / Thursday, 26 March 2015

What have we to be happy about, I hear the cynical among you cry! Its always raining and grey! Well, according to recent research by Britain Thinks, the people of Glasgow are 12% happier and prouder about our city heritage than the rest of the UK.


  • Heritage plays a powerful role in bringing people together and helping to improve perceptions of quality of life
  • Heritage is also seen as both transactional and emotional, encouraging local pride and fostering social cohesion, said the report.


The research highlighted several reasons why heritage matters so much to people in Glasgow. These were:

  • The contribution it makes to people’s identity and sense of pride
  • It makes for a better quality of life with things to do, particularly for families and educational opportunities for all ages
  • It adds to the city’s visual attractiveness
  • It delivers economic benefits, encouraging tourists and creating good jobs


We asked for examples of what makes our office staff proud of Glasgow and here is what they said – proud of the rich musical heritage, it is a cultural hotspot, brave and independent city, the affordability, fresh, vibrant, more Turner Prize winners than any other city, the Glasgow School of Art , the welcoming atmosphere, Scotland’s only subway system, the sense of humour, the Mitchell Library, the biggest reference library in Europe, ‘People Make Glasgow’ – its totally true.


For me, its simple. Even if it does rain solidly for 3 days, we have created many wonderlands in our museums and art galleries where we can learn and grow and shelter for a while.

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