Review about Live Language by Ekaterina

by / Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I have been studying at Live-language school for 5 weeks in February-March 2015. I was happy to be a part of school and its life. I enjoyed absolutely everything about school. First of all, I would like to mention that I had a perfect teachers – Jane, Heather, David, Allison. They are really professionals! I liked their methods of teaching. For instance, we studied new vocabulary every week and we did a lot of exercises in pairs or in three&four people and at the end of the week I felt that I knew all that new vocabulary. In comparison at my school in Russia we had studied new vocabulary for weeks and the result was worse. By the way, Im sure that my English improved and I could do IELTS or whatever.

As well as studying I took part in the schools social programme every week and I really liked all the activities and excursions. To my mind a very important part of understanding the language is familiarity with the country’s culture. All activities were very interesting and well-organized. The biggest thanks to Katinka and Hector. They cared so much about the students and the programme. In addition, Hector created exceptional quests in the museums and Katinka was a perfect guide in Edinburgh and Stirling castle.

Besides we had a very good additional opportunity to practice our speaking. At 14:45 we were welcome to attend “English club”. There, we talked for about an hour with a students from different groups, discussed a lot of interesting things and afterwards our teacher Allison discussed with us our mistakes. She helped to paraphrase our speech to sound more natural. I can say that it helped us a lot.

Talking about the school itself, I think it has a perfect location in the heart of the city centre between Glasgow University and Central Station. I can’t imagine a better place. The classrooms are well equipped, quiet, spacious and very comfortable. There is a student’s café in the Student Lounge where we could find a good choice for lunch. We were lucky to spend time there alongside with Adell and she listened for all students wishes, what kind of food they want: Arabic, Spanish or whatever. I would like to mention that all the staff was very helpful and kind, we asked different types of questions and everybody was always ready to help us and to solve any situation.

Finally, I would like to say a few words about my host family. I lived in Ivon Dachlani’s appartment and I was totally satisfied with the house&room and its location. It is not very close to school but the area is very good, next to the beautiful Bellahouston park where I often walked. Ivon helped me a lot during my stay and she is really nice person.

Overall, I felt really welcome at the school, gained a perfect knowledge and got an exceptional experience&impressions and was lucky to meet the amazing people there.

Ekaterina Litvina