Scottish Slang

by / Tuesday, 07 October 2014

Do you ever listen to local people and have no idea what they are talking about?


Do you ever hear words that just don’t sound like English?


Chances are that you have heard some Scottish slang during your time in the country.

The following is a list of typical slang words and expressions that might come in useful the next time you are trying to understand a conversation between two Scottish people.


Aye –  Yes      Did you like the film? Aye, it was brilliant.                  


Baltic – Very cold      It was pure Baltic this morning. I had to wear an extra jumper.


Bampot – An idiot      He’s a bit of a bampot. He’s always doing crazy things.


Bonnie – Very pretty      Loch Lomond is really bonnie in the summer.


 CannaeCan not      I cannae believe it!


Feart – Afraid      She’s feart of spiders.


Fitba – Football      Do you fancy a game of fitba on Saturday?


Heevin – Full of people      The city centre was heavin on Saturday.

Honkin – Smelly/dirty      This room is totally honkin.


Lassie – Girl      She’s a bonnie wee lassie.


 Mingin – Disgusting      That  food looks really mingin.


 Pure – Very/absolutely      Our holiday was pure brilliant.


 Scran – Food      Do you fancy going out to get some scran tomorrow?


Tap – Borrow      Can I tap £10?

Tatties – Potatoes      My favourite food is mince and tatties.

Wean – Child      How many weans does she have?

Wee – Little      I’m a wee bit disappointed with my exam result.