Sporty Outdoor Scotland – gap fill

by / Thursday, 25 June 2015

Here’s a description of what I like to do in my free time – fill in the prepositions (for example: in, on, with, from, across)

One ___ the great things about Scotland is that you can walk or cycle anywhere you like ___ the countryside. You can also swim ___ or use a boat ___ any of the Lochs. It’s easy ___ anyone to get some exercise and enjoy the scenery !

You can get out ___ the countryside on your own with friends or family.  Just use a map or get some information ___ the Visit Scotland website or one __ their information offices and go whenever you like !  There are plenty of car parks with great views and tables for picnics and barbeques. You will also find information there ___ short walks and the wildlife that you can see.

You can also travel ___ public transport – there are beautiful places that you can get to ___ train, or the Citylink busses.  Just check the times ___ the return bus or train !

Alternatively, you can take part in an organised walk with a hillwalking club, or a mountain biking event – search online ___ clubs and events.

The most extreme sport is possibly the Triathlon, which I have just got into.  You compete ___ a race to swim, cycle and run, all ___ a couple of hours !  I’m going to take part in the Beastie Triathlon ___ Loch Lomond where I will swim 750m, cycle 15km and then run 5km.  The swim will actually be ___ Loch Lomond, which isn’t like a swimming pool, so I’ll have to wear a rubber wetsuit.  The race is very well organised and there are safety boats guiding and checking the swimmers.  There will be about 200 people competing.  The cycle will be _____ Balloch park, some of it ___ tarmac paths; some of it ___ the woods and ___ grass, so we will use mountain bikes.

A lot of triathlons in Scotland involve a swim ___ what’s called open water, so a Loch or the sea.  Another triathlon that I’d like to do is at Oban, where we will swim ____ the sea ___ an island, then the bike and running race sections will be ___ the island.  Most triathlons, however, involve cycling ___ roads with a proper racing bike like you see ___ the Tour de France.

The Beastie Triathlon that I’m doing is known as a sprint triathlon, because it’s quite short(not, I hope because we have to be fast!). There are quite a few other distances, the longest being the Ironman which was created ___ the USA and finishes ___ a full marathon run!

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