St Andrew’s Day – 30th November

by / Friday, 29 November 2013

Although it’s not as widely celebrated as Burns Night, which celebrates our national poet, St Andrew’s day is an important one in the Scottish calendar as we remember our patron saint.
He’s not only the patron saint of Scotland, he also represents Greece, Russia, Romania and other countries. It is believed that he was chosen to be Scotland’s saint because his bones were swept up onto the east coast of the country.
The life of Andrew the Apostle was brief but important as he and his brothers left their fishermen jobs behind to become disciples. He was crucified on a cross in an x shape which has become his and Scotland’s symbol, the Saltire.
Nowadays, St Andrew is known more as a town and university bearing the same name where a famous couple first met Prince William and Princess Kate.
There are many ways to mark this special day.