Staying safe

Staying safe

Glasgow is usually a safe place, but as in cities all over the world, you should not walk alone late at night, or carry valuables with you. Keep any documents showing your identity, address or personal information safe and hidden. Keep cameras, mobile phones, etc. in your bag or pocket. If you are taking cash from a cash machine, cover your hand when you enter your PIN number, and put your money away quickly. Be aware of who’s around you if you are taking out money, particularly late at night.

Look after your handbag, wallet, purse, or bags and do not leave them unattended. When you are walking in the street, go into a shop if you need to ask for directions and don’t stand in the street looking lost or reading maps.

We advise you not to stop cars by “thumbing a lift”, “hitch-hiking”, “autostop”.

Use only official taxi cabs with council plates on the back. Black cabs (London taxis) are more expensive but are more reliable, and can be stopped on the street. Minicabs (normal, registered cars working as a taxi) cannot be stopped on the street.

The British Council has produced an extremely useful booklet which clearly sets out how to live safely in this country.