Student Interview by the English UK

by / Monday, 02 December 2013

Yuanyuan Zhou is 30, works in marketing, and comes from China. She is studying for IELTS at English UK member centre, Live Language, so that she can take a Masters’ degree.

Hello Yuanyuan. Why did you want to study English in the UK?

I am here to prepare for a Masters degree in marketing. I work in marketing. I worked for eight years or more and it was my major in China. I had a marketing job in brand management but I wanted to improve myself and get more opportunity for my career so I needed to get a Masters degree also. I have not touched English for eight years and I needed to learn it, to remember it well.

Why did you choose Live Language in Glasgow?

I chose Live Language for its pre-IELTS course, and because I have been to Glasgow and Manchester for Masters. I might do a pre-Masters, it depends.

Do you like being in the UK?

I am enjoying myself here. I am a Christian and there are many churches which are very nice. There are so many social programmes at the school. Studying here is not only to study inside the school and that’s the reason I chose the UK to study language. We can talk to native speakers, also study language not only in class. It means I live here and connect with native persons and also study. It’s totally different to China.

What do you like about Glasgow?

I travelled in Europe – I’ve been to Germany, Italy, France – and I think Glasgow is very nice. You meet a person and they smile. If you ask where to go they don’t answer the question, they will lead you to the place. I was very surprised.

Is there anything you don’t like?

There is a little bad weather. It often rains. I like photography and sometimes the effect of the weather is to make it green and not very blue.

How will improving your English change your life?

I think improving my English will totally change my life. I want another job – I want to join an international company.

Also I can travel the whole world. English is very popular and you also need a first language in Europe and most of them can speak English. Also you need some foreign culture. It is very important that I know other countries.

Would you recommend coming here to study to your friends?

I would recommend to my friends to come to the UK. I want them to come to Glasgow. This language school has many social programmes which improves our English, which are fun, and it is important to learn the culture.

It is very friendly and nice. The cost of living here is not very high. Food and clothes are the same but renting is cheaper than China.