The Top 7 Websites for FREE English Practice Materials!

by / Tuesday, 02 February 2021



With more students joining online English courses, we wanted to recommend the best free online English materials you can access so you don’t waste your time!


Some of the best free websites for improving your English online:







  • It is important to increase your level in English grammar. This website has exercises and quizzes on all grammar areas, including prepositions, phrasal verbs and all the tenses.


  • Here you can learn grammar and vocabulary by doing puzzles and interactive games. It is perfect for improving your pronunciation, as you repeat back the words to practice pronunciation.


  • This is a great website to check out if you are going to take the IELTS exam or the FCE or CAE Cambridge exams! Here you can get practice in each of the exam paper tasks.


  • This is a fantastic way to practice your listening skills, as there are subtitles for every talk. You can find talks on all kinds of useful topics and there is also a transcript to read. Just choose a topic you are interested in!


  • Here you can improve your spoken English quickly. Have a look for help with General and Business English. It has lots of listening practice and exercises. It is good online resource for helping you speak English fluently.


Let us know if you find any other great online English practice to help you achieve your English goals!