Top Tips For Success In Your Online English Course:

by / Friday, 05 February 2021

To be a successful English language learner and really get the most out of your live online classes and learn as quickly as possible have a look at our top tips.




  • Your live online English class is with a real native-speaker teacher and classmates, so treat it like a real class in a school. Turn up every day and be ready to take part.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the technology and that you can connect to the Internet and access all the functions of the platform you are using. Learn the words for the controls and functions you will need in English. E.g., mouse, scroll down, click etc
  • Choose a comfortable place to study and make sure that you limit distractions. Turn off your phone and tv and try closing all extra Internet browser tabs, so that you fully focus on your English learning.
  • Create a study timetable to keep yourself on track.
  • Remember that it is important to stay healthy when you are learning online, as this will help you to learn more quickly and reach your language-learning goals. Take breaks from the computer screen, take exercise, eat healthily and try to get enough sleep.
  • When you are learning online it is important to keep motivated. Set language-learning goals and review these regularly to stay on-track for success. Maybe you want to speak fluently, or to improve your pronunciation to be understood by native speakers, or to pass the IELTS exam.
  • Remember to ask for help from your English teacher when you are in the live online English lesson. It is important to know that you have someone to help you whenever you feel you are struggling.


All these tips will help you to learn English successfully online at every level, whether you are a beginner or an advanced-level student!