Ways to Practise your Vocabulary

by / Thursday, 28 May 2020

You learn new words everyday and the next day in class you have forgotten them! Why is it so difficult to remember vocabulary? Here are some ways to help your memory and practise at home.

A great online resource to record vocabulary studied and you can review at any time. Matching activities, flashcards, spelling practice and other fun ways available to help you remember.  Just make an account with Gmail or Facebook login details.

Design a quiz and play with your friends. Make it a competition!

  • Flashcards

Make your own flashcards and practise at any time of the day. Try 5 minutes every day. Use pictures as well as words.

  • Use it!

Make sure you use words you learn in class or you will forget them. Put them into sentences as a context is always a good way to remember. Make gap sentences and get your friends or family to complete them.

  • Word families

Make tables in your notebook to record complete word families. If you learn a noun, research the verb, adjective and even adverb for that word.

  • Take note

Have a special notebook only for vocabulary. Record the words in lists and it helps if you keep them together in their topics.


Don’t try to learn too much at one time.

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