The OET (Occupational English Test) – Test information and preparation workshops

Live Language are pleased to announce that we are now a test venue for the OET (Occupational English Test), an English language test designed specifically for the healthcare sector.  OET is now accepted by the Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC) and General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK as an alternative to the IELTS.  OET differs from the IELTS because it uses real healthcare scenarios and assesses your ability to use English as a healthcare professional.  The English language requirements of the NMC are available here and GMC are here.

The test is accepted worldwide by a wide range of organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Namibia and Singapore.

Useful links:

Registering and preparing for the exam

You can take the OET test at Live Language but must register at the OET website.   OET are responsible for all registration, payment and issuing of results.  Any questions or queries should be directed to the OET website.  You can register for the exam here.    https://www.occupationalenglishtest.org/apply-oet

You will find useful information on the OET website.

OET Preparation Workshops

Live Language has undergone an extensive training programme with OET and have been awarded Premium Provider status.   The award of this status is based on the quality of the teaching materials created.  We are one of only 14 schools worldwide who have passed the programme (as at 6th November 2018).

Our workshops are designed to prepare you for the OET exam.   Each workshop covers:

  • The components of the exam
  • The types of task and question in each section
  • The examiners marking criteria
  • Practice activities

We recommend that you are at least a C+ or IELTS 6.0 minimum for these workshops.  You will find the course too difficult if you are not at this level and may not benefit from the workshops.  The workshops run from 9.00 – 2.30pm with a total of 1-hour’s break.  You can choose to study whichever workshops you need.

Minimum student number is 5 and you must register and make payment before the deadline date.  All materials are included.  Cost is £65 per workshop or £250 if you buy all 4 workshops together.

Workshop dates – 2019

Application Deadline
May28th29th 30th31st17th May
August27th28th29th30th16th August
September17th18th19th20th6th September
October22nd23rd24th25th11th October
November19th20th 21st22nd8th November

Minimum student number is 5.  All materials are included.

Cost is £65 per workshop or £250 if you buy all 4 workshops together.